What is a VR Workplace Tour?

Workplace Tours in VR
About VR Workplace Tours

Nevada County’s host to a wide variety of small and large businesses, public service entities, and nonprofit organizations. Students seeking a connection between their education and future careers are oftentimes faced with limited exposure related to immersive career exploration. It’s not uncommon for students to look at college catalogs, job postings and career websites to choose a career pathway.

What if experiential career exploration content was available in the classroom through virtual reality technology and connected students to the inner workings of Nevada County organizations? Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that creates a simulated environment where students can experience and sometimes interact with that environment. Students are not just viewing a screen in front of them but are immersed in that exciting 3D world.

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office (NCSOS) is developing an innovative career exploration program that combines virtual reality technology, engaging content, and career exploration with local industry partners. Nevada County middle and high teachers and schools can reserve 16 pairs of Virtual Reality Goggles which are loaded with Workplace Tours. The NCSOS VR Workplace Tours currently feature a variety of in demand careers. Tours of Nevada County workplaces are in progress and will be offered as part of the NCSOS VR experience by Spring 2024.

Nevada County schools and teachers can visit our “Hosting VR Workplace Tours Page” to reserve VR goggles.