VR Goggle Reservation Policies

When reserving virtual reality goggles, you agree to the following: 

  1. Goggles are only available for checkout by Nevada County high/middle schools. 
  1. View the reservation calendar (link located on nevco.org/cpp) before requesting a reservation. 
  1. Goggles may be reserved by schools for up to 2 school weeks per 1,000 students. 
  1. Goggles may be reserved by individual classes for up to 3 school days including pick up and drop off. 
  1. Reservations are permitted once per year by each individual class or school. 
  1. Goggles are for the use of 6th-12th grade students. 
  1. 16 pairs of goggles are available to reserve. All 16 pairs must be reserved at a time. 
  1. Goggles may only be reserved for school use. 
  1. Facilitator and student instructions enclosed with the goggles are carefully adhered to. 
  1. If goggles are damaged or missing NCSOS is immediately notified by emailing cpp@nevco.org  
  1. Whomever reserves the goggles must pick up and return the goggles at the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office within the agreed upon reservation time. 
  1. Goggles, accessories and materials will be returned in the same condition and level of organization in which they were picked up. 

Questions regarding VR Goggles can be sent to cpp@nevco.org