TUPE Podcast Episode 2

January 23, 2018

New 2018 FDA Study on the Health Risks of Vaping 

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What is TUPE?

TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) is implemented throughout NC Schools. Marlene Mahurin trains teachers and counselors in all middle and high school sites to implement tobacco, vaping and marijuana prevention education in the classrooms as well as train students as TUPE Peer Educators who educate their peers and do school wide advocacy.


The focus of these podcasts are focused on youth use (not adults) in a non-judgmental approach. Our goal is to share fact-based information so youth can make informed choices. The reality is that all substances effect youth differently from adults and that is our focus.

New Study: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine: (Sponsored by the FDA)

This study took a comprehensive look at the health effects of e-cigarettes. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the safety of e-cigs and vaping so this is the most comprehensive study to date. There still is not much long-term research since they simply haven’t been around long enough but we have learned some short-term risks.

Do E-Cigs help people quit smoking?

Originally developed as a quit tool, e-cigs do help long-term adult smokers quit. E-cigs do not help young people quit and there is no health advantage for them.

For information on how e-cigs work

Myth: Youth respond to e-cigs the same way as adults.

This is false. They are more likely to become addicted to the nicotine then adults. They are more likely to switch to cigarettes as well.

Do E-Cigs create second hand smoke?

Yes! They emit particles into the air creating second hand smoke. It is inconclusive if it’s as dangerous as second hand smoke.

Are there injuries connected to E-Cigs?

There are a lot of injuries. More powerful batteries can cause the e-cigarette explodes, leading to burns on the face of the user. Children have also been poisoned from drinking e-juice. It appeals to kids since they smell good and looks like a little drink, but they are poison.

Are nicotine levels the same ?

Some people believe that they don’t have nicotine. Often times they are labeled “nicotine free” however often this is inaccurate and the study found that nicotine levels vary greatly from product to product.

Are there any health benefits to e-cigarettes?

They need more information before they can determine whether or not there are any health benefits for adults. The study suggests that more education is needed to educate youth on the health and safety risks of e-cigs and vaping.