The Power of Positive Parenting Seminar

Attend the Nurturing Parenting seminar series given for parents of children ages 2-12. Seminars usually fill quickly with a waitlist. Register for seminar below.

Nevada County Residents

Announcing the Nurturing Parenting FALL Virtual Seminar – Sept. 15 – Nov. 3, 2020. This is provided free of charge to Nevada County participants through generous county grants.

The seminar will consist of:

  • 7 Live Weekly Zoom Calls (1 hour/wk)
  • Weekly pre-recorded Video Modules teaching philosophies and strategies, available to watch when convenient (approx 2 hours/wk)
  • Weekly handouts and worksheets that support the video materials
  • Weekly evaluations to be filled out after each Module as well as pre- and post- evaluations
  • One-on-one phone calls – introduction and coaching call with the instructor for each family

Here are a few testimonials from parents who have taken the online course:

Excellent program. So much valuable Information and so many strategies. Every family can find several strategies that work for them thru this program. Super helpful. 

This seminar has helped us tremendously during this time of intensive togetherness as a family.  We are so much better able to guide our daughter’s behavior, and have noticed an increased level of cooperation from her. 

Annie has been an exceptional resource and teacher. Her passion shines through and her genuine desire to help and assist others is palpable. She is a true gift to this community and I hope to take more classes from her in the future. 

This program provides tools for all ages and challenges and helps you connect with other families facing the same issues. The amount of new techniques and tools we picked up in these eight weeks has been impressive!

Annie is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher, able to find the common ground among a diverse group of parents.

There is so much actionable information available in this program!  I would highly recommend this program to other parents- it’s helpful to develop a shared language around what you want to be doing parenting together- whether that’s with your partner, grandparents or other caregivers. Would highly recommend this course and am so grateful it was offered for free through NCSOS.

I loved how Annie gave us information about development and clear explanations of WHY some challenges happen. The video modules & worksheets/exercises were great. I loved connecting via Zoom each week to feel a bit of connection or other parents and also to be able to ask questions and hear other parents’ experiences. 

Top 10 Reasons To Take Parenting Classes!

Image for Top 10 Reasons to Take Parenting Classes Article

By Meg Luce, LMFT

Originally published in the Parents’ Resource Guide Back to School Issue 2018

It’s that time of year where I gear up to offer parenting workshops. Triple P-Positive Parenting is an evidence-based curriculum for parents with children 2-12, and with a little applied effort, the program gives good results for developing helpful skills and useful strategies. Circle of Security Parenting is another parenting journey for those with babies and young children up to age 5. It is a rich and reflective experience that helps parents understand and respond to the needs of their young ones. Thanks to the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools and First 5 Nevada County, these classes are available to all. The only cost is a $35 materials fee and $45 for a couple. We also have scholarships for those who need it.

Okay, as promised, here’s your Top Ten Reasons to Take a Parenting Class that I have heard from participants or otherwise observed.

1. It’s Fun

I’m not kidding. It IS fun to learn new strategies and exchange favorite tips with other parents.

2. To Get On The Same Page With My Parenting Partner

Whether you’re a mom and dad, two moms, or a grandparent and adult-child team, it’s so helpful when you and your parenting partner can create a strong alliance.

3. Free Pizza!

No joke. If you can make time for classes in your busy family schedule, we are happy to supply the pizza and childcare.

4. I’m A Grandparent And Could REALLY Use Some Fresh Ideas

It’s amazing how many grandparents are on the job raising children. Thank goodness for you, grandparents!

5. Date Night!

Okay, this may be a true act of desperation; however(!), parents do to get a chance to come to class together, sit next to each other, and even have some actual uninterrupted conversations.

6. My Kids Are Driving The Bus

Not the real bus. But a lot of parents feel like the children are more in charge than they are as parents and don’t know what to do about it.

7. To Learn To Set Firm and Healthy Limits

I do not jest. This can happen in your family too.

8. To Create Routines And Save Your Sanity

Remember sanity?

9. To Reconnect With Your Child And Feel Better About Yourself As A Parent

You CAN stop yelling and do more connecting. It does feel better.

10. To Hang Out With Other Adults While Your Children Play!

Did I mention we have childcare?!

Whatever is your top reason, feel free to give me a call and we will get you signed up.

Meg Luce is a Marriage & Family Therapist with a private practice in Grass Valley. Meg is facilitator of Triple P & Circle of Security Parenting through NCSOS and First 5 Nevco.