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State of the Schools Report

Welcome to the State of the Schools report for 2022! I’m happy to be able to offer to the community a glimpse into our schools, whether traditional or charter, and a description of what the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools office provides to our youth and community.

Inside you will also find assessment data for our students, an explanation of the Local Control Accountability Plan for schools, and the new state accountability system.

Nevada County is home to over 11,000 students (excluding the Truckee area). This includes eight elementary school districts, one comprehensive high school district, and eight independent charter schools. All of our schools pride themselves in working collaboratively to maximize tax payer dollars, while delivering a quality educational experience for the students. One of the key functions of my office is to make sure our schools are financially responsible with their dollars and can meet any financial obligations now and for the foreseeable future.

As we look to the future, several challenges face our rural schools. Costs to educate the special needs population has skyrocketed with more and more severely impaired students attending our schools. The loss of local high paying jobs and a costly housing market have helped perpetuate declining enrollment in the schools. These are issues that won’t be solved overnight, but with the collaborative work of our schools and community agencies, we are tackling these issues to make a positive difference in our students’ lives and preparing them to be productive citizens.

I encourage you to arrange visits to any of our county schools and see firsthand the teaching and learning going on inside the classrooms. I think you will be impressed.


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