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School Safety

Fire Prevention & Preparedness

What are schools in Nevada County doing to prepare for possible wildfires?

  • Each school has a comprehensive Safety Plan that is updated each
    year. Included is a section on fires that describe staff training, student/ drills, and evacuation/reunification plans as well as roles in an emergency.
  • Maintenance staff at each site work with fire departments to reduce fuels for the fire around campuses.
  • Monthly meetings occur between first responders and school officials to discuss safety topics including fire safety.
  • Students and staff receive monthly training on fire evacuation.
  • Fire departments have detailed maps of all county schools with ingress and egress routes.
  • Specific plans are in place for our special needs student populations (such as orthopedic disabilities)

What is the role of the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office for fire safety?

  • Nevada County is one of few in the state that has a School Safety and Climate Coordinator. This role is designed to ensure that schools are provided with the latest information on school safety and helps to conduct drills on school sites, acts as the liaison between schools and first responders, and serves as a resource for all schools.
  • NCSOS monitors and shares out safety information out to all schools as incidents are occurring (based upon predetermined protocols at each site).
  • All school safety plans are reviewed by NCSOS to ensure that they are using the latest information to keep our students safe.
  • NCSOS also serves as the point of contact for the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services to disseminate relevant safety information to all schools.

What is the future of fire safety in our schools?

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office is committed to collaborative efforts with all emergency service providers. To best ensure the safety of our students, NCSOS will continue to implement best practices related to fire safety and provide safety training opportunities for students and school staff.

Comprehensive School Safety Plan