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RAYS: Restorative Accountable Youth Solutions

RAYS is a student-led alternative to suspension program based in restorative practices. We currently have RAYS programs at Bear River, Nevada Union and Silver Springs High Schools and Lyman Gilmore Middle School. 

What is RAYS?

RAYS Highlights from Nevada Union High School: Spring 2023

How does RAYS work?

When a student makes a poor choice, they may be given the option to go through RAYS instead of a punitive response. In order to be eligible for RAYS, the student must take accountability for their action and be open to repairing any harm caused by their action.  

Once referred to RAYS, our student team holds a RAYS circle for the student and creates their restorative plan. The student has 30 days to complete their plan with the support of a student supporter and staff champion. 

What is a RAYS Restorative Plan? 

All RAYS plans include at least one thing from each of the following four quadrants. 

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Cessation and Resources


Marlene Mahurin
Program Coordinator Intervention Services
Phone: 530-478-6400 x2031

Steve Hansen
Restorative Practices Coordinator, Nevada Joint Union High School District