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Peer Court

Peer Court is designed to give young people an understanding and practical experience in the juvenile justice system so they may better understand their rights, more easily meet their responsibilities, and make decisions about their daily lives.

Peer Court enables a low level, first time juvenile offender to be diverted from the traditional juvenile justice system into a program where they will be held accountable for their misconduct through peer imposed sentencing.

The Peer Court program is supported by a curriculum unit targeted at middle school students.  The curriculum aims to bring the law to life and provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to act responsibly and become productive members of society.

There are many opportunities for youth in the Peer Court program.  High School students can act an attorney, bailiff, clerk, juror, or curriculum presenter.  After middle school students have completed the curriculum unit they are invited to observe and sit on the Peer Court jury.

Peer Court meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in January.

Students are asked to arrive by 5:45pm.  Cases begin at 6pm.


If you would like information on how to participate please contact:

Melissa Parrett
Phone: 478-6400 ext. 2021