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Foster Youth Services

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Nevada County Foster Youth Services provides students in out-of-home placements with the resources needed to achieve their maximum educational and vocational potential and well-being through a holistic, multidisciplinary and collaborative approach.

Foster Kinship Care Education (FKCE)

Nevada County Foster Kinship Care Education Program, in partnership with Sierra College and Nevada County Health and Human Services, offers quality education and support opportunities for care givers of children and youth in foster care to learn how they can meet their children’s educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs.

Independent Living Program (ILP)

The Nevada County Foster Youth Independent Living Program, in partnership with Nevada County Social Services, provides activities directed towards one goal:  assisting youth (ages 16-22) that are or were in foster care or probation out of home placement to become self-sufficient adults.

AB 12 and THP+ Case Management

Nevada County Foster Youth Services and Independent Living Program (ILP) provides supplemental case management services to youth who have aged out of the foster care system and are eligible for extended foster care under AB 12. Additionally, we can provide transitional housing support for youth 21-25 under our THP+ program to further assist in the transition to self-sufficiency.

Program Staff

Melissa Balderston
Program Coordinator, FYS/ILP/THP+/Indian Ed
Email: Refer to staff directory

Helena Heinzelman
Foster Youth Specialist, FYS/ILP
Email: Refer to staff directory

Morgan Welty
Case Manager, ILP/THP+
Email: Refer to staff directory

Carla Anderson
Data Technician
Email: Refer to staff directory

Steven Thompson
Foster Youth Ed Liason
Email: Refer to staff directory