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Human Resources

Welcome to the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS) Human Resources Department!

The Human Resources Division supports and advances the overall mission and strategic plan of the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools through the recruitment, selection, evaluation, and retention of outstanding classified, certificated and management employees.

Our staff is also dedicated to providing superior customer service by treating current and prospective employees with respect, care and individual attention to foster an atmosphere of teamwork and pride.

We support our employees and school districts by providing accessible, cost-effective and timely human resource services in the areas of planning, recruitment, employee and labor relations, compensation, health benefits, staff development training, teacher credentialing, and substitute staffing. Our Human Resources staff are available to assist departments and districts in the development and implementation of practices and procedures that will maximize the potential and contributions of a diverse and successful educational workforce.

NCSOS serves students in Special Education, Juvenile Court Schools, Community Schools, Toddler and Preschool programs, Foster Youth, Independent Living and Indian Education.

Where to apply for jobs with Nevada County Superintendent of Schools?

To be directed to EdJoin for all open positions: