Contractor Pre-Qualification

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools is a participant in the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA).  The act requires some additional paperwork on our part, but it does allow for more streamlined negotiation and bidding of projects valued at less than $200K.    

Contractors who are interested in adding themselves to our list to be notified of informal bidding projects by license classification can submit their information below.  Please submit one form for each license classification you have which you seek to do business with NCSOS.  The form needs to be submitted every year, and it is the responsibility of the contractor to do so.  You view a copy of the NCSOS CUPCCAA list here


Large Projects over $200K

Contractors shall read the Announcement of Pre-Qualification Procedures for Construction Contractors in its entirety before seeking pre-qualification with NCSOS :  CLICK HERE TO READ Contractors are encouraged to submit their pre-qualification questionnaire and uploaded documents as soon as possible but no later than 10 business days prior to bid opening.  Links to bidding documents will be available on this site as well as area builders’ exchanges when published.

There is no cost to contractors interested in pre-qualifying with NCSOS. 
Please contact Darlene Waddle at 530-478-6400, Ext.2019 or 

Thank you for your interest in pre-qualifying and working with us! 

District Appeal’s Process:  Click Here to Read 

Or you may follow this link to get started:  Follow this Link