Family Resource Center – Penn Valley

Spring has sprung in Penn Valley and our Family Resource Center is in full bloom! Be sure to swing by for the various parent and children activities we have to offer. Check out the April newsletter and come take advantage of all the resources we have to offer.

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Family Resource Center – Grass Valley

This month kicks off with creative outdoor activities and inspiring ways to connect with the community at our Grass Valley Family Resource Center. Check out what’s happening in the April Partners Press and don’t miss out on the awesome activities and opportunities for parents and children.

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Partners Family Resource Center – Parenting Workshop

Nurturing Parenting Spring 2022 Virtual Seminar

Take the stress out of parenting with Nurturing Parenting’s interactive approach. For 35 years, this program has helped parents to deepen and strengthen their family relationships in all types of situations. Check out the 8 week evening or morning series as well as the monthly Introduction to Nurturing Parenting seminar. These seminars are free and presented by Jinnae Anderson, Parenting Specialist.

2022 Creative Writing Tournament Winners

Every year Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS) hosts a Writing Tournament where students from local middle schools gather at the Miners Foundry for a day of writing. The tournament lasts most of the day as students compete in three categories: Informative Writing, Creative Writing, and Persuasive Writing.

Since Covid-19 struck, a new event emerged to take its place: The Creative Writing Competition. In its second year, the Creative Writing Competition has given Nevada County students an opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills in a Covid-safe virtual environment.

Eighteen (18) seventh and eighth grade students from twelve local schools were chosen as the best of their grade, to represent their school in the county-wide competition. They were asked to respond to one of the following prompts:

  1. Compose a story using characters from one book or movie in the setting of a different book or movie.
  2. You discover a secret door in your home.  What happens next?
  3. Compose a story inspired by this piece of art:
children at a playground

“Confrontation” by Hughie Lee-Smith, 1970 (Smithsonian American Art Museum)

The stories were judged by a panel of five volunteer judges, made up of former teachers.

The winners of the 2022 Creative Writing Competition are:

7th Grade:

1st Place –     Wilder McGrew, Nevada City School of the Arts

2nd Place –    Lena Cooke (Helen), Forest Lake Christian

3rd Place –    Scarlett Uhlig, Uhlig Academy Homeschool

8th Grade:

1st Place – Ruby Makoutz, Twin Ridges

2nd Place – Eleni Keriotis, Grass Valley Charter

3rd Place – Josh Theim, Forest Charter

Timothy May, Nevada County Board of Education member was one of the judges.  About the winning seventh grade piece, May said, “The story within, told in flashback, addresses Prompt 3 (“Confrontation”) beautifully, with a story that both characterizes the two girls and plausibly interprets the visual elements of the painting. The narrative details the sophisticated setting for the adult narrator, the recollection of events years earlier on the anniversary of her sister’s death–all the elements of the story are quite impressive for a 7th grade writer.”

The eighth-grade winner wrote in response to the second prompt and its narrator fell through a secret door, landing in a school’s janitor closet. “The author has written a great story about the rewards that come to young person who, surrounded by peer conformity, imagines a way to be their own person.” said May.

Two people wearing masks

Superintendent, Scott W. Lay with 7th Grade winner, Wilder McGrew                   

7th Grade Winner

8th Grade winner, Ruby Makoutz

Family Resource Center (FRC) – Penn Valley February/March Newsletter

The Penn Valley FRC has a variety of parenting resources to offer from parenting workshops, 1 on 1 parenting support, community playgroups and a library of books to check out. Located on the Ready Springs School Campus with an array of services: clothes closet, free diapers, lending library, computer lab and so much more. Check out the monthly newsletter below.

Family Resource Center – Penn Valley December/ January Newsletter

The Penn Valley FRC has a dedicated section in their Lending Library for Accelerated Readers books. There is also a large selection of books for preschoolers. Fiction and non-fiction books for parents and FREE books for all ages. Stop by the Penn Valley FRC to learn about the list of services they provide for both children, parents and families.

Partners Family Resource Center – Parenting Workshop

Nurturing Parenting – Winter 2022 Virtual Seminar

Our Family Resource Centers are offering easy-to-understand, practical strategies on navigating the world of parenthood through our winter virtual sessions offered both morning and evening. This free workshop is intended for parents of school-aged children up to 12 years old. This program has helped parents to deepen and strengthen their family relationships in all types of situations and is based on evidence from clinical research.

Geography Bee 2021 – Winners

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Individual Geography Bee was held this morning, October 28th, at the NCSOS office at Crown Point Circle. A total of seven students from each school team bravely participated in a triple elimination format contest. Their performance and impressive geographic knowledge did not disappoint, and every student did an amazing job! Kudos to all students! Parents enjoyed viewing the tournament live from the board room at the NCSOS office. We are pleased to announce the winners.

to the Individual Geography Bee winners:
1st place Champion: Ella DesAutels – Magnolia Intermediate
2nd place: Erika Schwab – Chicago Park
3rd place: Liam Coley – Clear Creek

Geography Bee Winners
Winners: Ella DesAutels, Erika Schwab, Liam Coley