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Reading and Writing Programs

Elementary School Classrooms:

Middle School Classrooms:

High School Classrooms:

Poetry Out Loud – Your students can become part of the competitive program. They choose, memorize, and perform their poems. It’s a great learning tool! See Poetry Out Loud for more information and contact Kimberly Ewing at Nancy Jackson for your materials.

Other Speech Contests – Tis the Season for Speech Contests! $$ for students willing to step up. Rotary Club Contest Deadline – March 12, 2023, see your counselor for forms.

Nevada County Reads – For more information on events and happenings click here.

Nevada County Reads and Writes Book Selection

Interior Chinatown, a novel by Charles Yu

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER – NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER One of the funniest books of the year…… “A delicious, ambitious, Hollywood satire. The Washington Post From the infinitely inventive author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, a deeply personal novel about race, pop culture, immigration, assimilation, and escaping the roles we are forced to play. Willis Wu doesn’t perceive himself as the protagonist in his own life: he’s merely a Generic Asian Man. Sometimes he gets to be Background Oriental Making a Weird Face or even Disgraced Son, but always he is relegated to a prop. Yet every day, he leaves his tiny room in a Chinatown SRO and enters the Golden Palace restaurant where Black and White, a procedural cop show, is in perpetual production. He’s a bit player here, too, but he dreams of being Kung Fu Guy — the most respected role that anyone who looks like him can attain. Or is it? After stumbling into the spotlight, Willis finds himself launched into a wider world than he’s ever known, discovering not only the secret history of Chinatown, but the buried legacy of his own family. Infinitely inventive and deeply personal, exploring themes of pop culture, assimilation, and immigration — Interior Chinatown is Charles Yu’s most moving, daring, and masterful novel yet. Fresh and beautiful…. Interior Chinatown represents yet another stellar destination in the journey of a sui generis author of seemingly limitless skill and ambition.” — The New York Times Book Review

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

California State Summer School for the Arts-Summer program for students regarding the arts. Check out: CSSSA

Poetry Out Loud – A national recitation poetry contest for high school students. More at

Student Voices Campaign – Student-created, 2-minute video about one’s passion in the arts. More at Student Voices Campaign.