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Elementary/Middle School Classrooms

Chrome Music Lab

Music in the Mountains and InConcert Sierra have several music education programs you and your students can be involved in:

  • MIM: Take 5 (previously known as the Brummit-Taylor Music Listening Program – see your school for a kit)
  • MIM: Link Up/Carnegie Live (all students learn a piece and get to perform with an orchestra in the Spring)
  • ICS: The Young Composers Project–ages 12-20
  • ICS: Music NOW–In-school, live concerts with professional musicians as assemblies for school student body . Spring time.
  • ICS: Peers in Concert– musicians come into classrooms to perform and engage with students.

Third Grade Students:

  • InSierra Concert hosts “Just For You,” a free live music concert for all third graders county-wide in the spring each year. For more info contact info@inconcert

High School Classrooms

Music in the Mountains & InConcert Sierra have programs you and your students can be involved in:

Choral Leadership Academy – run by the CASMEC (The California Music Education Conference). This event is for high school, community college, and university students interested in the choral music profession. For more information visit

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

ELEMENTARY TEACHERS: Sign up for the MIM Carnegie Live Program!Music in the Mountains

MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS: Look for students who are interested in joining the MIM Youth Orchestra! Some scholarships are available (KEYS).


THE FOUNDRY SINGS – The Foundry Sings is a unique countrywide experience that gathers people of all ages and singing levels under one roof to share in the power of song and support the historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center. Led by Rod Baggett, choral conductor at Nevada Union High School and Seven Hills Middle School.

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