TUPE Peer Education

Students from Mrs. Jill Denniston’s and Ms. Judy Earle's advocacy sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade classes at Philip W. Sugg Middle School in Lisbon Falls participated in the National "Kick Butts" Day Campaign on March 20. From left are Hayley Wheeler, Nick Bergeron, Rosalie White, Aarika Hallowell, Morgan Roy, Tyrese Joseph, Anthony Dunigan, Corey Hodgkins, Bryant Hall, Brad Harriman and Devin Wordell.NCSOS TUPE has adopted a mission of developing the next generation of tobacco-free advocates and is committed to implementing strategies that provide our young people with opportunities to experiences first-hand the role of envisioning and creating schools and communities free from tobacco use and the harms caused by tobacco.

The primary role of our Peer Educators is to provide tobacco-prevention information, resources, and support to their peers, as well as inspire all members of the school community by modeling healthy choices and leadership.

Teams of 5 or more students from every middle school, high school, and non-traditional (continuation) school are trained as TUPE Peer Educators each year. These students deliver anti-tobacco messages at their school through classroom presentations and school-wide events.

Schools have the option of creating Club Live or Friday Night Live Chapters, with the support of Nevada County Public Health or independent Peer Education groups.