SPORT: Prevention Plus Wellness Program

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools TUPE Program will serve all 9th grade students with the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program and additional TUPE lessons, focusing on tobacco, vaping and marijuana education and prevention. 

SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness provides the only evidence-based programs that connect substance abuse prevention with fitness, health and positive image promotion for youth in one practical, easy to implement session. 

Proven, effective alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use prevention WITH healthy behavior improvements, including:

  •     Preventing & reducing alcohol use & problems
  •     Preventing & reducing marijuana use
  •     Preventing & reducing tobacco use
  •     Increasing physical activity
  •     Increasing health-related quality of life
  •     Increasing healthy eating
  •     Increasing sleep
  •     Targeting controlling stress
  •     Increasing goal setting

For more information visit SPORT Prevention and Wellness: