SEPAC – a Parent Support Network

The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) advises and provides input to the SELPA and districts regarding programs and services for children with special needs. The committee consists of parents of students with special needs enrolled in public or private schools in western Nevada County. Each member is appointed by and represents their respective school district. As part of its role in facilitating communication between schools and parents of children with special needs, SEPAC makes recommendations and suggestions to other SELPA committees, and discusses problems facing our special education programs. Another important role is supporting fellow parents of children with special needs and assisting in parent education.


SEPAC Committee 2015-16 Meeting Dates

All meetings are from 9:30–11:30 and will be held in the Conference Room at TKM Family Resource Center, 400 Hoover Lane, Nevada City, except where indicated.
September 14 January 11
October 19 February 8
November 9 March 7
December 7 April 11
May 9


SEPAC Committee Members

Member School District Phone Email
Eli Gallup Nevada County SELPA 265-0611 x203
Havilyn Kern Grass Valley 470-8985
Martha Payne Nevada Union 273-9763
Cathy Ruscica Penn Valley 263-3111
Mike Lyman Pleasant Ridge 435-881-6338
Beth Buti Union Hill 263-0428
Shannon Becker In-County Charter 575-8897