Homeless Youth Services (McKinney-Vento)

McKinney-Vento Services

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools houses a McKinney-Vento Community School liaison which provides technical assistance and training to school districts and identified site liaisons to ensure that students experiencing homelessness have equal access to educational opportunities. Services provided include dispute resolution, community outreach and referrals, funding for school activities and educational needs, staff development materials, and attendance services.


Students eligible for McKinney-Vento services and funding are those that lack a permanent, fixed, and adequate nighttime residence. Eligible students may be:

  • Living in a shelter, motel, or hotel
  • Living in an unsheltered residence– such as a car or park
  • Sharing housing (doubled-up or couch-surfing) due to economic hardship
  • Living in camp grounds due to lack of alternative accommodations
  • Unaccompanied children or youth (i.e. not in the physical custody of their parents or guardians)
  • Awaiting foster care (between child’s initial placement into state care and 30-day shelter care hearing)


If you are a student or family requiring assistance, please contact your school for a referral to your site liaison.

Additional Information and Links

Homeless Brochure CoverFor Students and Families

For Site Liaisons

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Program Administration

Melissa Parrett, Student Services Coordinator

Email: mparrett@nevco.org