Parent U Workshops – May 23, 2017

Parent U Workshop- Cyber Safety & Strengthening the Parent Child Bond
Learn to safeguard your child’s use of technology. Topics
include: online bullying, sexting, social media (i.e. Facebook,
& SnapChat) parental controls and video games.
Join us for a refreshing …

Kick Butts Day 2017

Do you know why smoking causes wrinkles? Or the number of chemicals in a cigarette? These are just a few facts TUPE Peer Educators shared on Kick Butts Day.

         Club Live Peer Educators at Seven Hills

Our kids learn …

Tech Test Jr. 2017

TechTest Jr. is a math-based exam that focuses on problem solving methodologies and critical thinking skills. It is offered to selected 5th through 8th graders from all schools in Nevada County. The event is held at local technology businesses in …