Consent for Medication at School Form


School law allows school personnel to assist students required to take medication during school hours. The following code governs:

Education Code Section 49423. Administration of Prescribed Medication for Pupil. Any student who is required to take, during the …

Parent U Workshops – May 23, 2017

Parent U Workshop- Cyber Safety & Strengthening the Parent Child Bond
Learn to safeguard your child’s use of technology. Topics
include: online bullying, sexting, social media (i.e. Facebook,
& SnapChat) parental controls and video games.
Join us for a refreshing …

Kick Butts Day 2017

Do you know why smoking causes wrinkles? Or the number of chemicals in a cigarette? These are just a few facts TUPE Peer Educators shared on Kick Butts Day.

         Club Live Peer Educators at Seven Hills

Our kids learn …