New Hire Packet

New Employee Forms – please print and bring these completed forms to your New Hire Orientation:

Short-Term Employee Hiring Checklist
Current Driver’s License
Social Security Card
I-9 Fillable Form (can be used with some browsers)
I-9 Form (only need to print out pages 7 & 8)
W-4 Form (only need to print out page 1)
LiveScan (fingerprint clearance) (form & instructions will be supplied to you directly by NCSOS HR Dept.)
Oath of Office
Policy Sign-off
Certificate of Completion for Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Educators Training
(California Department of Social Services’ free, 45-60 min., online training)
Copy of Negative TB test taken within the last four years
Notice of Exclusion from CalPERS Membership (Classified only)
ES350 STRS Permissive Membership Form (Certificated only)
Social Security Statement (Certificated only)
Workers Comp Pre-designation of Personal Physician (optional)

Notifications/Policies – printing not necessary; for your information only

Legal Mandates
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness
Workers Compensation Employee Notice
Time Of Hire Brochure
Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

CalSTRS Member Handbook
CalPRS Member Handbook